3 Typical Errors to Avoid When Building A Fence

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to avoid shopping malls, hardware or homeware stores and set up home and garden projects themselves.

One of the most significant factors is the wallet, although some feel the need to be innovative and fulfil specific ideas and visions they have.

Our fencing contractor team at Stella Fencing respects those who make DIY (do it yourself) a success. We also have all the resources and suggestions to ensure that you are successful in your home or garden project in Melbourne.

For every single incredible DIY weather project, it’s tubular fences or picket fences that we see online on Facebook or Pinterest. Unfortunately, there are a handful of home & garden projects that haven’t been planned and stick to it. 

That’s why today’s blog post focuses on some ideal methods to remember, to make sure your backyard DIY fence instalment is a success.

Fencing Errors to Avoid

3 Typical Errors to Stay Clear Of on Your Do It Yourself Fence Installation

1: Not Doing Your Research

The most significant difficulty that homeowners encounter is to instal the wrong kind of fence. Ensure that you carry out your research about what style of fence you need beforehand. Ask about your concerns, like-have you checked the laws of your neighbourhood councils as well as the structure teams? Have you verified the use of the fence? What about resilience – how long do you expect it to last? — Did you figure out what kind of maintenance you’re going to need to keep your fence a significant financial investment for years to come?  If you look into all these areas, your new DIY fence will be a success!   

2: Not Calling the Local Council

Underground services can be dangerous, from above the soil you can never tell what is below. The ideal situation, there’s no interruption. Worst of all, you could dig right into the land with electric lines or water pipes. Luckily, this can be conveniently removed by contacting your local council. They can address in a few minutes if you need to avoid any specific locations in your building when mounting a brand-new fence.

3: Not Securing Your Footings

Unsecure footings are where most DIY-ers go wrong. When constructing a fence, you need to ensure your footings are secured solidly. The last thing you want is to cured finish your fence then it getting destroyed by bad weather, or someone leaning on it!

 Does DIY fence installation still seem like the best option to go with your fence? Stella Fencing contractors have equipped you with some of the finest techniques to make the job both enjoyable and beneficial.