5 Effortless Ways to Decorate Your New Fence

Installing a boundary timber picket fence is usually among the finishing touches that we put on your new home & gardens. The border fence offers personal privacy, security for our family pets, and also conveys a unique style to any home.

Whether it’s a traditional white picket fence or a contemporary glass fence, we can design our fences to represent our style.

Are you both unusual and one-of-a-kind? Or  Tidy and cutting-edge? We often want a little more personalisation with our home & garden fence.

Below are five creative ways to embellish your brand-new fence.

How to decorate a fence

5 ways to Decorate Your New Fence


They’re not your conventional planters! Fencing can be used as a great device to hold vertical planters of all shapes, dimensions and designs. From useful (you can grow edible plants of all kinds in several sizes of planters) to reduced upkeep (creative growers often use air plants that require no water), they can kick your fence up a notch while offering added plants. The very best part of this is that you can do it yourself. Which saves you money, time, and you can even use up those old recycled items around your home.    

Repurposed Photo Frames:

If you would like more of a different vision for your ordinary fence, look no further than a second-hand shop or an art supply store. Discover a selection of low-cost image frames and spray them with a vibrant or free shade that motivates you. Maybe you want a blue sea to match your beach-themed residence, or what about gold to enhance your luxury lifestyle? Organise them, so they resemble contemporary art. This will undoubtedly give your house, as well as your fence, a fascinating and creative aesthetic charm, no more than the top.


When we think about the murals, what do we think about it? A large, in-depth piece of art? A painting in a children’s room? Reconsider that. Whether they’re made of wood or block, if we’re going to beautify our fences, it’s time to get geometric. Key in geometric patterns online as well as you will obtain a variety of alternatives to develop a highly contemporary fence. These layouts are refined yet vibrant, mature and fashionable, as well as displaying your very own unique eye for design. There’s no end to the kind of layouts you can make, so let your creativity run wild.


Nothing is more cosy and welcoming than the twinkle lights. Used all year round, these white lights produce an intimate and party-like atmosphere, welcoming visitors right into your house with a touch of magic. They can border your yard for an evening swimming pool event, or beyond your fence to reveal your faded aesthetic charm. Twinkle lights can be quickly moved, removed as well as changed, providing little or no damage to your brand-new fence.


If you enjoy a rustic style, discovering old, weather-beaten home window frames as well as hanging them on your fence reveals a beautiful and old-fashioned individual view. If you find out a treasure trove of several home windows, you can include planters or small decorations to create a customised scene. There are a lot of choices, some with shutters, four panels, different shades of paint, among others. You’re going to be hard pushed not to discover one that speaks to you and your fence decor objectives. Between walls, home windows, planters and more, there’s no end to embellishing your attractive, brand-new fence. It’s essential to find something as unique as you are. As you stay in your house and deal with your life as well, putting the last decorations on your fence will make you feel truly at home.