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Chain Wire Fencing Solutions for Melbourne

Here at Stella Fencing we are experts in chain mesh fencing as well as chain wire fencing in Melbourne.

You wondering why so many different names but around Australia chain wire fencing is also known as chain link fencing, chained mesh fencing, cyclone fencing or diamond fencing.

Our local chain wire fence professionals offer quality workmanship of chain wire fencing to customers and clients throughout the Greater Melbourne suburbs and Regional Victoria.

Chainmesh Fencing – is most commonly used for boundary fencing but is highly recommended for security fencing when it is finished with barbed wire or razor wire. Chain link mesh fencing is also used for sporting enclosures, safety barriers, screening and partitioning.

Why Use Chain Link Fencing in Melbourne?

Chain wire fencing is unique in the way it can be used for a range of different situations. It is a great fencing solution for everything from standard boundary fencing to creating storage cages in a warehouse.

Secondly, fencing chain withstands the elements, abuse, as well as time. In an outdoor setting, the galvanised surface safeguards against damages from harsh Melbourne conditions. Inside, a solitary fence could last the life time of the structure

Lastly, it is easy to keep and even fix over time. When installed correctly, chain wire fences are straightforward to fix. If a section ends up being broken or worn out, replacing it can take as only a few hours. This helps keep repair and overall fencing costs down over time.

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Chain wire fencing is perfect for high quality:

  • Animal and pet Enclosures
  • Boundary / perimeter fencing and gates
  • Chain wire mesh fencing & gates
  • Commerical fencing & gates
  • Community projects
  • Council park fencing
  • Cricket nets
  • Custom gates and fencing made to order
  • Cyclone fencing
  • Garden fencing
  • Home front fences & gates
  • Industrial safety and security fencing
  • Park and oval fencing
  • Partitions
  • Pool and children safe fencing
  • Safety barriers and screens
  • Schools fencing and gates
  • Security fencing, cages and enclosures
  • Sliding gates
  • Storage enclosures and cages
  • Tennis court fencing

Chain wire fencing is made using a variety of wire styles:

  • Heavy galvanised wire – 2.50 mm and 3.15 mm diameter
  • Galvanised core PVC coated wire – 2.50 mm and 3.15 mm diameter

Domestic Chain Wire Fencing Melbourne

Wire mesh fencing chain is a versatile and high quality solution for all domestic fencing applications. Whether you’re building a boundary fence or creating a tennis court fence we have you covered.

All our wire for fencing can be tailored to your personal needs and specifications.

Commercial Chain Wire Fencing

Our industry specialists are perfect for your commercial fencing project. We are experts in chain wire fencing for both commercial and industrial properties. All of our fencing materials & gates are manufactured using the highest grade or products and steel to ensure that your fence meets you company requirements.

For those sites that require extra security, our team of tradesmen can install razor or barbed wire to the top of your fence to ensure that nobody penetrates your property. We can also take care of your swinging, sliding or folding gates. Standard or custom to suit your design specifications.

Our Fencing Services

Timber Fence

Nothing is more durable than a brick fence or wall. A brick fence is a great fencing solution for those looking for a feature that will stand the test of time.

Colorbond Fence Installation

Colorbond fencing is a great fencing solution for those looking for a low maintenance fence. Colorbond fencing comes in a wide range of colours to liven up any backyard in Melbourne.

Picket Fence

Nothing defines a front yard like a picket fence. A picket fence is a classic way to add simplistic style to your front yard. A picket fence is the classic symbol of the Australian housing dream.

Knotwood Fencing

Knotwood fencing is a fantastic fencing solution for those who want to freshen up their home with a modern, versatile fence. Knotwood fences come in a wide range of styles to suit any home.

Tubular Fencing

Tubular steel fencing is versatile fencing option. Its a great fencing option for commercial, residential, or industrial properties. It doesn’t matter if your project is an old colonial villa or a brand new work of art, there is a style of tubular fencing to suit your project.

Brush Fencing

Brush fencing can give your Melbourne home a natural feel. If its pool fencing, boundary fencing or enclosures, brush is the way to go.

Woven Wire Fence

Perfect option for those who need a fencing solution that will not interrupt views. Woven wire fences are a solution for safety and security fencing for residential and commercial properties.

Brick Fencing

Nothing is more durable than a brick fence or wall. A brick fence is a great fencing solution those looking for a feature that will stand the test of time.

Chain Wire Fencing

Chain mesh fencing is commonly used for fencing tennis courts and security fencing. Chain mesh fencing is also a great option for fencing animal enclosures and pens.

Melbourne Chain Wire Fencing

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