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Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

Synonymous with quality, a Colorbond fence are apart of homes across Melbourne and throughout the country. Stella Fencing is a proud supplier of genuine Colorbond fencing, and can easily create a fence to complement your home

COLORBOND fencing steel makes it very easy to create the look you want. With 14 designer colours to choose from, it’s easy to coordinate your fence with the colours of your home.

Whether you desire colours that are refined or bold, light or dark, bright or cozy, you’ll find the perfect colour that will create the natural appeal for your yard and home. COLORBOND steel panel fencing also comes in a variety of panel styles and designs to suit any property.

COLORBOND steel looks excellent on both sides of the fence. When installed correctly, it won’t have any upright gap, noticeable grips or loose palings. You can also customise your fence by adding lattice work, slats and fence post caps.

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Benefits of Colorbond Fences

Wide range of Colorbond fences colours: With over 14 colours to choose from we can ensure that it can match the existing residential property style and decoration. These colours will offer your house a style and personality of its very own.

Built to last: Resistant to fire damage, rusting, or decaying. Made from resistant CSIRO-tested steel Colorbond steel fences in fact help secure your home from the bushfires and other natural elements.

Low maintenance: Easy to clean and maintain, just requiring an occasional clean thanks to the top quality Colorbond paintjob. Furthermore, you won’t have to replace nails or planks throughout the years. Great for those with limited home improvement skills.

Protection and privacy: Colorbond steel secure fencing is gap-free and stops neighbours as well as passers-by seeing through the panels in your fence. Unlike conventional timber fencing Colorbond fencing provides complete gap free boundary fencing keeping your family safe and secure.

Great for the Australian environment: Being made from 100% recycled materials, Colorbond fence panels are the best selection for the natural environment. With its innovative and sophisticated design these steel fencing setups create little scrap metal during fabrication, once more lowering the effect on the environment.

Metal Garden Fencing Melbourne

Metal garden fencing is the perfect way to add security to swimming pools, backyards homes or work places. The low maintenance nature of colorbond fencing is a hassle free option to suit your panel fence needs.

  • Huge range of colors
  • Durable and strong for Australian conditions
  • Low maintenance
  • Reasonable price per meter
  • Termite proof
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Colour fade free
  • Competitive prices
  • Warranty
  • Durability and
  • Bushfire and natural disaster resistant

The Different Styles of Colorbond Fences

Colorbond fencing comes in lots of different styles and variates to suit any property.

  • Neetascreen: Fencing made from COLORBOND fencing
  • Smartscreen: Fencing made from COLORBOND fencing
  • Customscreen: Fencing made from COLORBOND fencing
  • Miniscreen: Fencing made from COLORBOND fencing
  • Slatscreen: Slat screening made from COLORBOND fencing
  • Louvrescreen: Angled slat screening made from COLORBOND fencing
  • Lysaght Colorscreen: Screening for elevated buildings made from COLORBOND fencing
  • Gates: LYSAGHT Gates are designed to perfectly complement our range of steel boundary fence products.

Find out why we provide the best metal garden fencing in Melbourne by checking out our reviews below!

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Colorbond Fence Installation

Colorbond fencing is a great fencing solution for those looking for a low maintenance fence. Colorbond fencing comes in a wide range of colours to liven up any backyard in Melbourne.

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