The Secret to Extending The Life of Your Fence

At Stella Fencing Contractors we love seeing a fence live to its full potential. We have over 30 years of fencing experience. Along the way we have picked up a tip or two how to maintain a fence.

Here are our top tips for extending your timber fence life.

How to extend your fences life

How to extend the life of your fence

– The decomposing of messages is generally because of high degrees of dampness around messages in yard beds. This might be avoided if lawn sprinkler as well as faucets are avoided the fence line. The lower 800mm of your messages can be repainted with water based asphalt paint (alternative # 12 on your quote type). This paint will certainly be about 150mm over ground degree, and also will certainly aid avoid wetness harmful your fence messages.

– A Leaning fence can be as a result of dirt, gravel, blocks or any other thing being developed versus your fence. If you plan on increasing the elevation of your yard bed, or on leaning any type of thing versus your fence, you will certainly require to make Stella Fencing familiar with this at the time of your quote. If the dirt or product versus fence is 400mm or below, 200x50mm Dealt with Pine Sleepers can be screw-fixed to the bottom of your fence articles (with much deeper 800mm openings as well as added concrete in each opening) to aid keep dirt. If the dirt or product goes 600mm or above, a different Sleeper Retaining Wall (making use of galvanized steel ‘C’ and also H’ network, and also 200x75mm Dealt With Pine Sleepers) will certainly require to be created before your brand-new fence– to maintain the product or dirt far from your fence.

– Expanding ivy on a fence will certainly require your fence to weaken as well as, in many cases, the only point that might be holding your old fence up is the ivy itself. If you mean on expanding ivy or climber on your fence see to it to consistently reduce the vegetation to maintain it in control, to stay clear of placing excessive stress undecided. You might additionally ask for much deeper grounds with additional concrete in your openings (at the time of your quote) for added defense.

– Tree branches or stumps can press over a fence if left ignored. You ought to routinely cut down all tree branches that are pressing versus fence to launch the stress. Any kind of existing tree stumps versus fence ought to be eliminated before a brand-new fence being built. If this is not feasible, your fence can be built either side of the tree stump (leaving it noticeable on both sides of fence line).

– Watering your brand-new Treated Pine Paling Fence 2-3 times each week in warmer months (for the initial 6 months just) will certainly help in reducing the bending, splitting as well as frying out of the hardwood.

– If repainting your brand-new Paling Fence, it’s suggested that you wait a minimum of 120 days to enable shrinking, which in doing so, both sides be done.