How to Talk to Your Neighbours About A New Fence

The primary step to take, when choosing to change a side or back border fence, is to speak with your neighbors. This might call for a basic knock on their front door, a pleasant discussion concerning the state of the co-owned fence, and also making a contract to set up a quote with each other.

If the adjoining residential or commercial property concerned is tenanted, you might have to make contact with your neighbor’s Building manager.

If your brick fences in Melbourne is in between you and also Council-owned residential or commercial property (i.e. a park or laneway) after that you must talk to the Relevant Council Authority.

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Backyard fence

The below is an excerpt from the Victorian Lawful Help Website

Discuss the work that needs to be done with your neighbour first. If you can make decisions together and agree to share any expenses, get this agreement in writing.

Legally you are required to contribute to a fence that is sufficient for the purpose it is needed. If your neighbour wants a more expensive fence, they will usually have to pay the difference in cost between a sufficient dividing fence and the higher standard.

For more information about your responsibilities see the Dispute Settlement of Victoria’s website.

Can I Build a Fence on my Side of the Boundary?

If you and your neighbor are able to come to an agreement then the fencing works can go ahead as agreed. However, you can not go ahead and build a dividing fence or do repairs on a dividing fence unless you either have your neighbour’s agreement or you follow the processes in the Fences Act

What you and Your Neighbour Can’t Agree

If you as well as your neighbor can not concur, you can call the Conflict Negotiation Centre of Victoria for guidance and also a series of totally free and also personal disagreement resolution solutions.

You can additionally offer your neighbor a Notification to Fence. This is a lawful paper in composing inquiring to share the price to fix or change a fence.

If you still can not concur after thirty day from the day you offered your neighbor with a Notification to Fence, you can go the Magistrates’ Court so a magistrate can decide. You need to complete the court’s Complaint Type 5A. Obtain lawful guidance prior to you make a decision to take the issue to court.