How to Weave a Chain Link Fence Together

A chain wire fencing serves two safety purposes: keeping pets, family and children inside the boundaries of your yard and deterring strangers from entering your property. Chain link fencing is sturdy and durable but may need repairs if it receives damages in strong storms. Either repairs or long runs will require weaving chain link together.

In 1891 the Anchor Post Fence Co. purchased the rights to the wire-weaving machine. The machine was purchased from an individual from Belgium who originally invented the wire bending machine. They were the first company to manufacture chain-link fencing in the United States as well as hold the first patent for chain link.

Step 1

Lay two sections or rolls of chain link fencing on the ground. Remove one weave from either section the top of the weave at the points and unbend the bottom end of the weave at the knuckle or the twists at the corner of each triangle in the mesh. Use pliers at the top to spin the twist in counter clockwise circles so that it twists out of the mesh.

Step 2

Lay one section on top of the second section so that the joining ends have one diamond and one-half diamond pattern overlapping. Insert the single weave at the top of the junction so that it will enter both sections of mesh. Use pliers to twist the weave clockwise through both sections with each revolution. Weave the two pieces together fully from top to bottom.

Step 3

Bend the weave with pliers over the bottom to secure it in place. Bend it in the same direction as the other connections at the bottom. Secure the top of the weave by twisting the insertion weave and the weave next to it together or bending it over for a knuckle-style mesh.