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A picket fence is a classic symbol of the suburbs. They are a classic, simple way of securing your boundary.

The humble picket fence has come along way since the early days. They have become an essential feature of any development. Picket fences are a great way of defining your boundary while adding security for your family and stye to your front yard without sacrificing views and being easy on the wallet.

Nowdays pickets fences come in a very wide variety of designs to suit the look and style of home in Melbourne. From Edwardian and Victorian to the classic Californian Bungalow and modern home designs a picket fence is one of the perfect fencing solutions for you.

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Why Choose A Timber Picket Fence?

Long Life Lasting Quality Fence: A picket fence made from quality materials will last a life time. Specifically when you collaborate with a firm like All StellaFencing. You can rest assured that your picket fencing will be made with the finest quality timber or vinyl to make sure that it will remain standing for ages. Our specialists will install your fencing styles to ensure its strong as well as strong no matter what the natural elements have in mind.

Adds Value To your Home: When you have a stunning and also resilient picket fencing bordering your residential Melbourne property, it certainly will not injure the value of your house. Actually, it will increase the marketability of your section. Potential buyers will no question love the look and functionality of a picket fencing.

Classic Style which Matches All Home Styles: StellaFencing can build a range of picket fences to match all homes. We love taking something traditional, like a picket fence, and making it feel modern, such as painting it a special colour, including a special design or crafting it out of plastic. That way, your picket fence is a nod to a past period, while still being certainly modern as well as slick.

Creates Security: Like any fence surrounding your residential property, a picket fence will certainly include a layer of safety as well as personal privacy. You can also pick the height of your fencing for added safety, relying on your requirements. Yet unlike numerous types of fencing, a picket fence will certainly never ever look severe or unfriendly.

Appealing to Potential Buyers: A picket fence is a feature many first buyers look for. They are easy on the eye, safe and are what most first home buyers have in mind then they think of their perfect home. If you are struggling to sell your home the addition of a picket fence can do wonders!

General Timber Picket Fence Panel Specifications

We can design a picket fence to your custom specifications, materials, and needs. Usually a single gate is included in the initial design, with the possibility of more timber gates being added to suit your needs. However, a standard picket fence installation specifications are:

Panel Width: 1.8m

Panel Heights: 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m & 1.8m

Picket Gate Width: 0.9m

The Different Styles of a Picket Fence

Picket fencing can be as generic or custom as you need. Picket fences are constructed using 70x19mm hardwood pickets and can be customised into the following designs.

  • 1/2 round
  • Acorn
  • Arrow
  • Bishop
  • Candle
  • Club
  • Sawtooth
  • Spade
  • Square
  • Windsor

A range of decals can be added to your fence pickets with ease. Decals are generally 120 x 19 mm.

  • Circles
  • Club
  • Diamonds and circles
  • Line and circles
  • Line and squares
  • Thistles
  • Tulips
  • Thistles
  • Roses

Chat to our friendly team about which style of picket fence design is for you. Keep in mind before making your decision:

Width of the fence. Height of the fence. Standard picket fence or feature fence?

Swing or sliding gates? Automatic or manual gates? Post Style? Fencing rails style?

Additional features such as: Drop bolts, hinges, latches or letterbox.

Some of our most popular picket fencing styles are:

  • Windsor pickets rising to Angelina posts.
  • Windsor picket rising to Angelina posts with an inset Alphington gate.
  • Scalloped Windsor pickets with Windsor posts.
  • Acorn pickets rising to a Bishop gate.
  • Arrow pickets with square Chamfered posts.
  • Oval pickets rising to Bishop posts.
  • Spear picket with Pyramid posts.
  • Rounded pickets with ball capitals posts.

Our Fencing Services

Timber Fence

Nothing is more durable than a brick fence or wall. A brick fence is a great fencing solution for those looking for a feature that will stand the test of time.

Colorbond Fence Installation

Colorbond fencing is a great fencing solution for those looking for a low maintenance fence. Colorbond fencing comes in a wide range of colours to liven up any backyard in Melbourne.

Picket Fence

Nothing defines a front yard like a picket fence. A picket fence is a classic way to add simplistic style to your front yard. A picket fence is the classic symbol of the Australian housing dream.

Knotwood Fencing

Knotwood fencing is a fantastic fencing solution for those who want to freshen up their home with a modern, versatile fence. Knotwood fences come in a wide range of styles to suit any home.

Tubular Fencing

Tubular steel fencing is versatile fencing option. Its a great fencing option for commercial, residential, or industrial properties. It doesn’t matter if your project is an old colonial villa or a brand new work of art, there is a style of tubular fencing to suit your project.

Brush Fencing

Brush fencing can give your Melbourne home a natural feel. If its pool fencing, boundary fencing or enclosures, brush is the way to go.

Woven Wire Fence

Perfect option for those who need a fencing solution that will not interrupt views. Woven wire fences are a solution for safety and security fencing for residential and commercial properties.

Brick Fencing

Nothing is more durable than a brick fence or wall. A brick fence is a great fencing solution those looking for a feature that will stand the test of time.

Chain Wire Fencing

Chain mesh fencing is commonly used for fencing tennis courts and security fencing. Chain mesh fencing is also a great option for fencing animal enclosures and pens.

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