The Pros and Cons of Invisible Pet Fencing (are there any cons?)

Invisible fencing, sounds to good to be true doesn’t it?

Well its not, and they are the perfect way to keep your furry little friends safe, without destroying the aesthetics of your home or garden. Invisible pet fences are one of the best options for new home, farm-let, lifestyle blocks or anyone with animals.

In this article we will go over the pros and cons of invisible animal fencing, this should help you determine if an invisible fence is right for you – or if you are suited to something else, like a brick fence.

Pros of invisible pet fencing 

Pocket friendly: Some fencing materials are costly (wood, iron) and labour is an extra expense. Invisible electrical fences are also less expensive than when professionally mounted.

Diverse: While conventional fences work best on flat or gently sloping yards, invisible fences work on almost any landscape. Invisible fences will cover hilly areas, wooded areas and water. Electronic fencing will also cover acres of land in any fashion and establish large training areas for dogs.

Aesthetically pleasing: Simply put, invisible fences are invisible. These walls do not physically compete with scenic scenery or green spaces and improve the sense of being outdoors. People can walk easily across the yard without the trouble of opening and closing the door. The inconvenience of drawing flags is temporary. When the dog recognises the limits of the electrical fence, the flags should be replaced.

Convenience: Electric fences can be mounted quicker than traditional enclosures. Trenching and laying of wire requires less time than laying fence posts, nailing blocks, welding iron or rolling wire.

Reliability: Dogs with a propensity to crawl over, dig through or chew through fences may be best suited with an electric fence.

Safety net for humans: Pet owners often fail to lock a gate, so automatic fences minimise the risk of escape in busy homes with a lot of foot traffic.

Protection: Intruders will be deterred by the presence of a dog in the yard since they are unable to know that the dog will not necessarily be able to hit them.

Cons of invisible pet fencing

Education required: To insure success, the dog must understand where the fence is positioned. This includes a training time while the trainer and the dog are going around the fence noting the flags. Fencing contractors typically have preparation protocols and invest time communicating with owners and dogs.

Lack of protection: While invisible fences shield dogs by keeping them from escaping the yard, they do not prevent threats from entering the yard. Stray dogs and feral animals can also enter the yard, playing physically with pet dogs.

Barrier Frustration: Some dogs get frustrated as they see neighbourhood dogs break free and know they can’t enter. This is particularly annoying if the local dogs “tease” or otherwise play out of control. Happy, sociable dogs are often disappointed when they see another dog or human approach but cannot accept them.

Degree of discomfort: Most electrical fences provide auditory alarm before electrical impulses, and dogs learn easily to “beep” in order to escape shock. If a dog lacks the auditory warning, an electrical shock is discharged, which scares the dog, but is not painful if the system is correctly placed.

Reliability: If the power supply is interrupted by a cable or a dead battery in the collar, escape is always possible. Luckily, most dogs recall their original instruction and appreciate the perimeter even though the fencing is not electrified.

The chance of an escape: If the dog sees something that he really wants to catch or is scared by thunder or something within the yard, he can smash the electrical fence by avoiding the electrical stimulation. But what happens when the dog tries to head back to his yard? Such fences may “shock” a dog on re-entry, while others may only release electrical impulses as they leave the yard, and there is no “beep” or “shock” when they return home.

If you think your home is in need of an invisible fence, get in touch with the Melbourne fencing experts for your free quote!